The Austrian government decided on April 29th to restrict travels from Brazil and India:

Since Thursday 29.04.2021, the landing ban regulation in Austria, in addition to Brazil also includes flights from India. This concerns in particular private flights as well as those aircrafts that would head for Austria due to landing bans in other countries. So no aircrafts coming from India or Brazil can land in Austria.

Those people who are travelling from Brazil or India (or have been to one of those countries in the past 10 days) must present a medical certificate or a test certificate in German or English of a negative molecular biological test result (e.g. PCR test) upon entry. The time of sampling of the PCR test must in any case be within 72 hours prior to entry. Antigen test results will not be accepted!

In addition, they must undergo a mandatory ten-day quarantine and there is NO exception anymore (for e.g. professional reasons) with the possibility to end the quarantine on day 6 having a negative PCR test result.

That means, if you want to enter the venue on 27th May (and have been to Brazil or India in last 10 days), you have to enter Austria at least on 20th May (Arrival at 20th May, quarantine from 21st  May to 25th May and finally negative testing on 26th May).

When you enter Austria and you have not been to India or Brazil in the last 10 days, then the normal Covid-entry regulations apply (see our tournament guide for more information).