Here you will find all steps you have to do when you fill out your PTC at

In the beginning you choose your country where the travel to the Austrian Open will start. If you are already e.g. in Slovenia or in Spain for a longer period, this country is the country of departure. In the box below you have to choose all countries you have visited during the last 10 days (if you only drive though a country without stopping, you do need not to add that country.)

The countries are grouped into 2 groups of countries: countries with „Exceptions stated in Append A“ or countries without that exception. This is very important for the second page.

You have to fill out the data of your travel entering Austria and leaving Austria (if you know already).

If all countries you have chosen on page 1 belong to the group of countries with „exceptions stated in appendix A“, then choose „regular entry“.

If at least one country in all your visited countries during the last 10 days has NO exception stated in appendix A you have to choose:

In this case you are using the exception of travelling for business purposes (and in the case that someone asks you, you show the letter of confirmation that you are participant at Austrian Open).

On the next page you must declare whether you are tested, got an vaccination etc. In most cases you will have a negative test, so:

On the fourth page the personal data is necessary (all fields marked with a star are mandatory) and the adress during your stay in Graz. In the picture you find the adress of the official hotel ROOMZ. Be careful, when you enter the zip code, then you must choose the right district of Graz (if you are not sure, choose that one in the picture – Jakomini). And don’be afraid of the word quarantine…. you also have to fill out the adress in case you need NO quarantine.

You are almost done. The last page is easy – you confirm that everything is correct and proof that you are human: